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Magic vision India as a business firm has successfully established itself from past 11 years. Our firm is constantly designing 3-d Dhyan Yantra frames of gods and goddess of different religions. As, our country is a land of various customs and religions, keeping this as our motive we design only religious frames. People find our Dhyan frames very effective for meditation.
Various religious institutions and organizations have contacted us for making designs of their “respective gurus” and god’s imagery . We have designed for them and converted their gurus image into 3-d holograph. We give importance and sincerity towards each and every designs we do, which makes our product appreciated .
Magic Vision India has its clients and dealers almost in every city in India and now has covered many countries i.e. Malaysia, Mauritius. U.K, U.S.A, African continents, Australia, Oman, Taiwan, etc. By our proper channelization and market study, we are able to spread our products all over the world. Altogether we have more than 200 designs including the commission works in our account.
Our Dhyan Yantra products are the most saleable and likeable in the market. On the surface we can only see abstract patterns but when people discover the hidden 3-d God’s image inside they are astound. we receive very appreciated comments from them.
M.V.I has most sincere and hard working team member’s. our team spirit is our optimistic bonding among us, by which we are able to channelize our business all over the world.

Feel free to contact us any time for retail or wholesale enquiry

address - 41, opp dudhiya ganesh ji temple, mallatalai,(Udaipur) Rajasthan INDIA

Varad~~~~ Shweta~~~~ Charul~~~~ Amit~~~~~ Akash~~~~ chandra


We can also make new design for your firm, respected guru or any thing that you require.your comments and feedbacks are valuable for us to improve our creativity and to give you more.












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