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How to see 3-D dhyan yantra frame

Method 1

Keep the art close to your eyes so that it almost touches your nose . Relax your eyes and stare straight ahead as if looking through it .Slowly move the art work away from your face to a comfortable distance. The time it takes to see the image can vary so don't get discouraged !

Method 2:

You can take a black & white or color printout, Put a glass or transparent plastic sheet on art work. Hold the art at comfortable reading distance and just keep staring at your reflection. until your reflection disappears, resolving into perfect 3-D image.

Method 3:

Do not concentrate on the image, just relax your eyes and let go your eye deep into it, as you are trying to find anything in the deep water, "but remember" your eyes should not move up,down,left or right.


Important: you may blink your eyes without changing eye position.




Rollover your mouse here to find out the hidden image


















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